The LD2021 conference invites two categories of presentation:

  • Paper presentation
  • Digital poster

Paper presentations, to be scheduled in parallel sessions, will last 20 minutes.

Digital posters will be published on the Underline platform before the beginning of the conference and will involve a three-minute online presentation, with an interactive Q&A session. 

When submitting, please indicate in the first line of the abstract whether the proposal is for a paper or a poster presentation. Abstracts should be between 500 and 800 words for oral papers and between 400 and 500 words for digital posters, references excluded.  

Abstracts should provide a clear outline of the aim of the study, including clearly articulated research question(s), details of the theoretical approach(es), method(s) and data sources, analytical focus and relevance of results (if already available). Both types of submission should include a list of references.

Please note that all submitted abstracts of papers and posters for the LD2021 conference will undergo a blind review process.

Abstracts are to be submitted via by 22 March 2021

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